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An environmental awareness in building

We all know that to be aware of environmental goals and problems is a way of life which will be necessary to adopt inevitably and fast. Groupe Pépin is proud to adopt practice of

ecological models of building and ecological energetics


The clients will see changes in the energy efficiency of their houses while increasing comfort and health of the occupants.

All our models of houses can be certified Novoclimat.

We always try hard to establish new products and to use new technologies which appear on the market (geothermic, solar panels, recovery of wastewaters, etc.) in order to reach the highest environmental standards in building.The norm of Novoclimat: increased insulation, air exchange system recovery from the active heat, windows with better energy efficiency (low-e), test filtration system and additional inspection, certification.

Ecological and recyclable building materials: sprayed polyurethane insulation made from soy; cellulose Igloo — thermal and acoustical protective Screen 100% ecological (made from recycled paper and fireproof)

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