A life style - Groupe Pépin

Our histoiry

In the field of construction all starts with ideas, a plan and then we construct a building. But few construction contractors who are present from the embryo of an idea from the first draft of a project and walk with the customer until the end of the work.

Yet it is the case of Groupe Pépin, a construction company that has its office in Boucherville. The reason is simple. One of the partners of the company, André Pepin is an architect by training. «We design, draw and execute all projects we undertake».

This link between architecture and construction that distinguishes Groupe Pépin is, according to André Pépin, one reason for the success of this company. «This gives our group a lot of flexibility and versatility. We can quickly adapt to different markets and the needs of our different customers. You can build single-family homes as housing towers». Indeed, for 30 years, Groupe Pépin is involved in a variety of projects ranging from single family residences, townhomes, condominiums, 3 storeys to 18 storeys high. The company is able to meet all the challenges of the residential construction industry.

With expertise in architecture, André Pépin paired its construction activities with his brother Michel Pépin, engineer, as well with Benoit Deschênes banker of the group and entrepreneur by his nature. At three, they take care of the production, implementation and business development.

Since the creation of Groupe Pépin, the company awarded by its peers as much as 5 Domus trophies including the most prestigious awards in the industry, being the “Builder of the Year” in 2011.